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MacMouth Media Voiceover

MacMouth Media Who is MacMouth?

Barry McCaul has been a producer of radio commercials for over 35 years.

Voiceover for technical instructional videos, voiceover for web and ‘Ad On Hold’

Podcast audio editing and sound presentation.

Crafting the sound of radio commercials for networks in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Queensland in that time.

Sponsorship voiceover for Seven Network as well as Prime7 and GWN7.

Many national advertising campaigns for On-Line and Broadcast including Kubota Tractors, Anaconda in Queensland, the RTA in NSW.

MacMouth Voiceover

The Voiceover on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia

Numerous styles to suit your needs from friendly to narrative, and Soft Sell to hard sell commercial voiceovers.

MacMouth Voiceover Demo

Specialising in narration for AV’s and Real Estate.

Narration Demo

MacMouth Narration

Different styles of AV presentation for Web DVD and TV. Thanks to the advertiser for the use of the clips.
Audio Production

Since 1987

The highest quality audio for radio advertising and audio projects.

MacMouth Media: Crafting Compelling Audio Narratives

 MacMouth Media, helmed by seasoned audio engineer and voiceover talent Barry McCaul, transcends the typical “audio production company” label. They specialize in weaving sonic landscapes that seamlessly align with your brand’s message, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Industry-Leading Voiceover Prowess:

  35+ years of experience: Barry’s extensive radio commercial background translates into a mastery of diverse vocal styles and tones, ensuring the perfect fit for your project.

  • National recognition: His voice has graced campaigns for renowned brands like Kubota Tractors and Anaconda, showcasing his ability to captivate listeners across various industries with countless awards over the years.
  • Versatility unmatched: From warm and authoritative to playful and engaging, Barry adapts his delivery to match your needs, injecting personality and emotional resonance into your message.

Studio Expertise for Impeccable Sound:

  • Cutting-edge technology: MacMouth’s fully equipped studio boasts state-of-the-art equipment, guaranteeing pristine audio recordings that elevate your production value.
  • Meticulous post-production: Barry’s meticulous ear and 35+ years of engineering expertise ensure seamless editing, mixing, and mastering, delivering polished audio that shines.

 Podcast Powerhouse:

  • Podcast post-production mastery: Breathe new life into your recorded tracks with MacMouth’s expert editing and sound design, ensuring your podcast meets industry-standard quality and captivates your listeners.
  • Award-winning podcast in 2023 from Radio Today. Finalist “Significant Other Podcast Of the Year: Major” – In Pursuit of Hoppiness

More Than Just Voiceover:

 MacMouth Media goes beyond voice acting, offering a comprehensive audio production solution:

  • Sound design: Immerse your listeners in an engaging sonic world with expertly crafted sound effects and music beds.

Elevate Your Audio Storytelling:

Whether you require a compelling voiceover for your next commercial, professional-grade podcast editing, or a complete audio production solution, MacMouth Media is your partner in captivating your audience.


Commercial Demo

Studio Set-Up
Audio Equipment

Digital Audio

Neumann TLM 103 Microphone

Audio production on Avid Protools.

Exclusively using plugins from Waves for the best sound quality and presence.

Podcast on Audio Hijack and Descript with Squadcast

Video Equipment

Vision on DaVinci Resolve

(Benefits of using plugins from Waves for the best sound quality and presence.)

Camera Canon EOS650D for stills and HD Video

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