MacMouth is..

Barry McCaul Radio Commercial Producer for almost 30 years. Voiceovers for commercials for TV and Radio for that time too.

Career started with almost 3 years in South Australia, onto 15 years in Albury Wodonga which finally ended up as dmg Regional Radio Southern Broadcast centre’s Production Manager for 5 years.

From 2005 on the Sunshine Coast for Hot91/Zinc96.

Now, working on commercials for Grant Broadcasters, program billboard voiceover for Prime TV, voiceovers for The Voice Market, Coles Radio, The Noise, Ads On Hold and voiceover agencies.

Placing everything on the line for each job, creating the best possible audio for each and every client.

“One producer I worked with a number of years ago said, quite correctly, that during the time it takes you to make the commercial or commercials for your client, you are employed by that client. You do the best for the client, just like an employee.”

The harder you work, the more you understand your craft, the better the result and thus rewards come from that. For a commercial producer in a radio station, the rewards are that the client returns and continues to advertise on your radio station.

“I’m still doing this even after all this time in the game because after everything else said above, I don’t like to hear a crap commercial. Knowing that I could make a commercial I hear better is knowing that someone didn’t quite take enough care to make the best possible.”

Under the banner of MacMouth Media, you get the very best. Giving our clients the confidence in knowing that we give you 110%.