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MacMouth Media Who is MacMouth?

Barry McCaul has been a producer of radio commercials for over 33 years.

Voiceover for technical instructional videos, voiceover for web and ‘Ad On Hold’

Podcast audio editing and sound presentation.

Crafting the sound of radio commercials for networks in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Queensland in that time.

Sponsorship voiceover for Prime7 and GWN7 as well as the 7 Network

Many national advertising campaigns for On-Line and Broadcast including Kubota Tractors, Anaconda in Queensland, the RTA in NSW.

MacMouth Voiceover

The Voiceover on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia

Numerous styles to suit your needs from friendly to narrative, and Soft Sell to hard sell commercial voiceovers.

MacMouth Voiceover Demo

Specialising in narration for AV’s and Real Estate.

Narration Demo

MacMouth Narration

Different styles of AV presentation for Web DVD and TV. Thanks to the advertiser for the use of the clips.
Audio Production

Since 1987

The highest quality audio for radio advertising and audio projects.

From over 30 years of creating top-notch sound for commercial radio in Australia. It’s not just about the words on the page or the way they are read, it’s the way the sound is layed out on the canvas

Commercial Demo

Studio Set-Up
Audio Equipment

Digital Audio

Neumann TLM 103 Microphone

Audio production on Avid Protools.

Exclusively using plugins from Waves for the best sound quality and presence.

Podcast on Audio Hijack.

Video Equipment

Vision on Final Cut Pro X

(Benefits of using plugins from Waves for the best sound quality and presence.)

Camera Canon EOS650D for stills and HD Video

About MacMouth

  • Philosophy

    For many years I have placed my all on the line for the job, creating the best possible audio for each and every client I make commercials for.

    One producer I worked with a number of years ago said, quite correctly, that during the time it takes you to make the commercial or commercials for your client, you are employed by that client. You do the best for the client, just like an employee.

    Simply, the harder you work, the better the result and thus rewards come from that. For a commercial producer in a radio station, the rewards are that the client returns and continues to advertise on your radio station.

    I still do this even after all this time in the game, because after everything else said above, I don’t like to hear a crap commercial. Knowing that I could make a commercial I hear better is knowing that someone didn’t quite take enough care to make the best possible

    This is why, when I create under the banner of MacMouth Media, I pour my heart and soul into the job. Giving my clients the confidence in knowing that what I do is getting the best for them.

  • MacMouth is..

    Barry ‘Crash’ McCaul
    I have been Radio Commercial Producer for over 30 years. Doing voiceovers for TV and Radio commercials in that time too.
    My radio career started with 3 years in South Australia, onto 15 years in Albury Wodonga being promoted to ‘dmg Regional Radio’ Southern Broadcast centre’s Production Manager for 5 years.
    Moving on to single radio station again from 2005 on the Sunshine Coast for Hot91 although later became dual stations with Zinc96.
    Ownership changes on the Sunshine Coast through Prime TV and Grant Broadcasters I worked for 12 years.

    In 2017 Grant Broadcasters reorganised assets and MacMouth Media became my fulltime occupation.

    Now freelance commercial producer working with Purple Wax, subcontractor commercial production for Nova Entertainment Brisbane and SCA Brisbane. Program billboard voiceover for Prime TV, voiceovers for The Voice Market, Coles Radio, The Noise, Ad On Hold and voiceover agencies.


  • Recomendations

    Katrina – Capital Debt Solutions –
    “One of the ladies at the Bakery downstairs asked me this morning Is that your ad on the radio, to which I replied Yes, it is. She then asked Is that YOUR voice, to which I replied, Yes, it is. She then said it does not sound anything like you, but I’m hearing it ALL THE TIME on ZINC Love that Crash made me sound so good and that was getting positive feedback!

    Ben Wilson, Owner Ray White Lifestyle –
    Crash – If anyone can make two mates sound like they know what they are doing, it’s you mate.

    Paul Seidel – Owner Big Mouth Media –
    “Very efficient, no-nonsense kind of guy who’s very easy to work alongside and suggest ideas too.”
    “Creative. Professional. Reliable. Intuitive. Precise. A talent on-air … but he takes it to a whole new level as far commercial production goes – you need look no further from start to finish!!”

    Sonia Warrell WHK –
    When it came to producing on hold messages for WHK’s phone system Barry took the time to understand our target and our services so that he could create messages that would engage the listener. The music bed and the age and gender of the voice over were key elements to creating a professional, engaging list of messages. Barry was spot on with his production and delivered files electronically. I recommend using Barry’s services – you won’t be disappointed.

    Lauren Jess | Voiceover, Creative Director, Prime Radio
    Meticulous, precise and carefully constructed. Barry McCaul aka “Crash” approaches each commercial with fresh ears. His interpretive ability, to take words on the page and transform them into a soundscape, is a skill to be envied. Crash has volumes of knowledge and experience working with talent of all ages, to get the best performance. His industry knowledge of legislative requirements for advertisers is invaluable. And the man can work on both sides of the mic. I back this bloke.

    Pete Goodwin Film Reviewer, Hotflix Movie Reviews (AKA Pete the Movie Guy)
    Creative. Professional. Reliable. Intuitive. Precise. A talent on-air … but he takes it to a whole new level as far commercial production goes – you need look no further from start to finish!!

    More on my Linkedin page

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